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Monday to Monday has done video production for live concert events, interviews, and for dramatic and scene-based productions. His primary camera is a JVC GY-HM700 and he has a team that can help him to do three camera shoots with ease. Doing live events where the recording doesn't just come "off the board" is our specialty.   Special Events and occasions, Corporate Presentations, Choral Concerts, Live Jazz, whatever your event is you deserve to have it professionally recorded and documented to revisit that special moment in the future. Monday to Monday has a very portable and professional Pro Tools recording system that will allow up to 30 channels of simultaneous recording.

Randy Monday has been associated with live recording since the start of his recording career. He started recording many Old Saint Mary's Holiday Concerts with 2 microphones and a tape machine. Recording many choral and acoustic concerts has led him to be very precise about microphone placement, setup, and quality of sound!

Let Monday to Monday assist you from start to finish.

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Monday to Monday has a long history of providing excellent studio recording and mixing. Randy Monday began his career working with Joseph LoDuca, the musical mastermind behind hit shows such as Xena: The Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and film epics Evil Dead, Army of Darkness and Brotherhood of the Wolf. While involved in projects with LoDuca Music, Randy had the opportunity to record a very wide range of instruments such as the oud, tamboura, shofar, cannon, a variety of drums and flutes, and many guitar and full band productions. The time Randy spent working with LoDuca Music has yielded many valuable production skills that has made his quality and style of work near the best in Southeastern Michigan.

Monday to Monday has worked with the internationally renowned Yessian Music with clients that included Ford, GM, Chrysler, OnStar, ESPN, US Navy, Disney, Discovery Channel, and many others! With Yessian, projects included voice-over sessions for Metro Detroit Ford Dealers, recording and editing of all prompts for the OnStar system in Lexus and Toyota between 2003 and 2008. Monday to Monday also completed national spots and sound design/fx for other clients.

Since 2008 Monday to Monday has worked in-studio with recording artists Derek St. Holmes (lead singer for Ted Nugent), Daniel Wentworth, blues artist Larry McCray, Madame X bassist Chris Doliber, Eminem composer and keyboardist Luis Resto, producer Michael King, and recorded and mixed Karen Newman's 2009 "Glorious Gift" Christmas special for WDIV.

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Monday to Monday has a long history of audio projects that are destined to be played on the big screen. Movies, television, commercials, documentaries, we've covered it all. A variety of recording has been completed in capacities such as music editor, sound designer, sound fx editor, foley artist, and re-recording mixer for films such as Brotherhood of the Wolf, Art House, and Sucker. Monday to Monday has worked closely with film director and actor Michael Manaserri on a host of commercials and long format presentations.

We would love to help you with any aspects of your film or video production. Please contact us with any inquiries for film or television post-production, we'd love to hear from you!

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Monday to Monday has provided live sound engineering services in Southeastern Michigan for 20 years for events and artists including Arts, Beats and Eats, Detroit Riverdays and Winterblast, Port Huron Blue Water Festival, Oak Pointe Church, Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Brenda Loomis Band, Michael King, Karen Newman, Daniel Wentworth, Mega 80's, and many many more. We can supply whatever equipment that is needed to help make your show a smooth, worry-free event from a board and a few microphoness on up to a full size concert PA system.

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Monday to Monday has developed superb techincal acumen over the years in IT computer trouble-shooting, backup routines, and general studio troubleshooting and training ib video or audio. Clients include Gary Nester, Michael King, jazz vocalist Kathy Kosins, Liz Larin, Susan Calloway, Suite 104, 54 Sound, Whether you need training, trouble-shooting or a full blown studio re-construction Monday to Monday can handle all of the details for you.

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